Conference: Salon Thérapies Naturelles in Morges (Switzerland) April 22 at 17h30!

Pranic World Festival in Coccore (Italy, Ancona) in June (1-8) and here the Trailer!

Festival Pranique en Belgique à Louette St-Pierre en Juin (12-16)!


Pranic Biography

2011: Growing interest in mediumship, sitting daily in meditation with spiritual guides

2013: Discovering of the transe state with spiritual guides, work on healing myself and others, cleansing of my emotions, the mind is starting to become more still, the body says no to specific food (meat and sugar), need less sleep.

2014:Vegan without carbohydrates. After my healing sessions I could experience less need of food and sleep. When I asked the net about what I was experiencing, I learned about the pranic nourishment.

2015: I followed the 21 days process then after a few months: liquidarian, weight stabilisation, more energy.

2016: Pranic state, deeper meditation, clear mind, happier, strong connection to my soul!

It’s through my spritual healing that I discovered a decreasing need of sleep and food, more generally less emotional, mental and physical hunger!



Interview during the Pranic World Festival in Italy in 2016!

Interview with Cristiana Eltrayan for the Pranic Consciousness Summit in Bucharest (Romania) in 2017!

Biography of the different speakers here !

Conference / Newsletter

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Download “The Brain of a Breatharian”

Presentation given at the Pranic World Festival in 2016!

Article sur le Prana

Article Nexus sept-oct 2016 (p.60 pour ma partie)