N.B: Si vous ne parlez pas anglais ou espagnol, prenez un traducteur avec vous!

I’m Tara, a psychic medium and healer. I help people to transform, grow, and heal through my work. My tarot readings offer a beautiful map to your life, providing guidance, clarity, and understanding. Healing sessions in person are a combination of psychic counseling and time on the healing table, during which I will work with your energy field, your aura and chakras, and perhaps delve into past-life healing or soul retrieval as necessary. These sessions provide deep comfort, great perspective shifts, and growth in self-confidence and empowerment.

You can schedule in-person sessions with me in February and March on my website www.taraalexandria.com. Please bring someone you’re very comfortable with to translate for you if you do not speak English or Spanish. I am currently living in Charmey, Switzerland. Online tarot readings or healing sessions are also available. Please email me at taraalexandria3@gmail.com to schedule.

One client’s testimonial offers some extra insight:
Tara is more than a reader and more than a healer. She is your friend and your teacher. Your spiritual guru. Full of knowledge and compassion, she has the ability to connect with source, lending advice while pulling cards and delicately telling you what you need to hear. I find myself frequently going back to readings as a reminder of lessons and future endeavors; using the information presented as guidance to my everyday life, to build on my future, and understand my past. I feel a sense of healing after each session as emotional weights are lifted and a clearer understanding of my path unveils itself.